The Becoming Of Victory Volleyball

My name is Kelsey Durham, and I am the Club Director of Victory Volleyball Club, as well as, a head coach. Volleyball has been a huge part of my life- my volleyball journey began much like yours; I started at the YMCA in 4th grade until I could try out for a club team. I played select ball all the way through middle school until I graduated, for many surrounding clubs that are still here today. As my last year of high school approached and came to an end I was recruited as an Out-Side Hitter and received an Athletic Scholarship to Grand View University. My first year, as a freshman in college I was awarded All Tournament Player as an Out-Side Hitter. The next year, I became a DS and a Libero due to an injury during the previous post-season. As volleyball came to an end, I transferred to Iowa State University to obtain my major as a Kineisologist and Health Promotion professional.  After graduation, I began teaching and developing athletes in the strength and conditioning field along with personal training for all ages. Volleyball season came back around and I began to coach for both clubs and High School ball.  This is when I began to do private lessons during off-season for athletes that had the drive to achieve their goals. This is when I had the ambition to develop my own club for athletes who wanted to go above and beyond.

As the director of Victory-I’ve been through every step of the way through clubs-high school- college and the other side of the ball which I consider coaching. This is what drove me to begin my own club; not for myself but for athlete trying to achieve their goals and receive the opportunities they earned and deserved.

As a coach-coaching is about being available to your athletes, they rely on you, they trust you and most importantly they want to do the best for you. That is why my job is to do anything and everything possible to help them grow, develop, and succeed in every goal they have. Not only as an individual but as a team player as well.

Success- the word every athlete wants for themselves; it may not come easy and might not be right away but that is where coaching needs to be involved.  Winning is not everything, there is many aspects that are involved in it. It all starts with dedication, support, and attitude.

Dedication is very important for any athlete who wants to improve and excel within themselves. Even as a team, every athlete needs to know how they attribute to their team. Every athlete on the team is a key component and this involves dedication from everyone. This is how to unite and defeat other opponents.

Support is one of the most important parts in volleyball. As a coach I will be the backbone for all my athletes. Supporting each other both physically and mentally are needed from every teammate and coach.  I will support all athletes in a positive and constructive way if needed. One thing I emphasize on, is the coach does the constructive criticism not the athletes.

Attitude should be only positive and no excuses for otherwise. I will always help my girls with having a good attitude by enforcing and showing positive energy. This will help during sets that are not going our way, as well as, when we are in tight sets.

Victory Volleyball Club will be a positive environment and provide the community with athletes that show sportsmanship and accountability both on and off the court. This non-profit organization will demonstrate positive attitudes towards a variety of different outcomes. The athletes will learn not only skills about the sport but also lifelong lessons such as: pride, teamwork, confidence, and responsibility.


In conclusion, as the director, I should make clear that hard work pays off, and the harder the athlete works, the more success they will achieve. The club will provide knowledge to the athletes both individually and as a teammate. Winning is a goal for everyone, but it is also important that each player should focus on their effort and responsibilities on the team. Throughout this experience I want the athletes to keep in mind that having fun and setting goals will help them execute their dreams.

Victory Volleyball Club was Established in 2016 for the purpose of challenging athletes to meet their full potential in the game. Our athletes will improve in their skills, mental toughness, along with all the functionality behind the game. Our players will gain knowledge that will help them succeed to the next level of play if desired. Every practice will be competitive and productive while hitting every vital aspect of the game.