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1. All athletes are expected to attend every scheduled practice. But, regardless of the reason, if an athlete misses an excessive number of practices, her playing time may be affected. IF AN ATHLETE CANNOT BE AT PRACTICE, she must call a coach—24 HOUR notice. It is the athlete’s responsibility (not the parents) to reach the coach BEFORE practice starts. A player, who does not communicate with their coach about a missed practice, will sit out at least the first match of the next competition event she attends. The athlete must contact the coach directly at his/her home or email address.

2. An injured athlete who can attend school is expected to attend practice, even if she cannot physically participate in practice. She needs to be there to SUPPORT her team.

3. Scheduled practice time is a start time. Athletes should arrive 15 MINUTES before start time to get dressed and be on the court doing the team warm up.

4. If an athlete is late arriving for practice, she must change into her practice gear, report to her coach and explain why she is late. The coach, in his/her discretion, will determine if any corrective action needs to be taken.

5. WATER ONLY at practice.


7. Bouncing balls during practice when directions and/or demonstrations are being done are not allowed.

8. All athletes are required to wear Victory Volleyball Club apparel to practice. Each team is required to wear the same practice t-shirt at practice.


1. Teams will arrive at the playing site at least 30 MINUTES prior to their first match for refereeing and 45 MINUTES for playing the first match.

2. All players must wear practice t-shirts at tournaments.

3. Proper demeanor is expected of all members of the Club (athletes, parents and supporters) at all tournaments. SPORTSMANSHIP!!

4. All athletes are expected to attend every tournament. If any athlete cannot be a tournament, they must inform the coach as soon as they know they will be absent.

5. Athletes may not leave a tournament site until COACH has excused the whole team.

6. At tournaments the athletes will have a designated area. Athletes MUST sit with their TEAM.

7. At tournaments the BUDDY SYSTEM is active. Athletes must be with a team player or coach or parent everywhere they go!


1. Parents should refrain from any unsportsmanlike conduct that could embarrass the club or penalize a team.

2. Parents are asked to refrain from coaching or otherwise distracting any player on the team including the coaching staff.

3. Parents shall not survey other parents about coaching decisions.

4. Parents will not be permitted to discuss coaching philosophies with the coaches at a tournament. If a parent is upset about something with a team, he/she will abide by the “24 Hour Rule” and wait 24 hours before discussing the matter with the coach.